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Conditions of use of the HappyHen.it Site

1 - Introduction:

These terms of use are stipulated between the user of the site (hereinafter referred to as "User") and HENJOYIT S.R.L. with registered office at Galleria Giacomuzzi 6, 31074, Venice (VE), Italy, VAT no .: 04312680277, hereinafter referred to as '' HENJOYIT ''

The conditions of use of the site comply with the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196.

The website "www.happyhen.eu" is accessible at the URL http://www.happyhen.it and allows Users to benefit from the functions described in article 2 below.

The use of the site is allowed only for private purposes; it is forbidden to use the site for commercial reasons or in any case in the context of an activity with a commercial purpose.

For the purposes of this document, the term "Use" groups together all the operations performed by the User from the moment of accessing the Site, including simple consultation, whatever the access device (PC, tablet or smartphone), the type of connection (private, third party, public or WI-FI) and the place of connection.

Use of the Site implies acceptance without reservation of these terms of use by the User. These conditions may be subject to change by Henjoyit.

It is understood that the applicable conditions are those in force on the Site at the time of use.

2 - Site functionality

The Site allows the User to:

- know the articles and services offered by Henjoyit;
- make purchases in the manner prescribed by the General Terms of Sale of the Site;
- publish opinions on items sold by Henjoyit;
- publish photos and / or videos in relation to the articles for sale;

The list of features is provided for information only and is not exhaustive. Henjoyit reserves the right to add or remove features, either temporarily or permanently, without the consent of the User.

3 - Site use conditions

3.1 The Site is reserved for adults who can be identified as private as well as those under the age of eighteen authorized by the parent or guardian. In any case, Henjoyit invites anyone with the responsibility of a minor under eighteen to monitor the use of the Site by the minor.

3.2 Access to certain services offered by the Site may be subject to the creation of an Account for the creation of which the User can be requested to be informed about identification. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196, Henjoyit has the obligation to collect and store personal data that allow the identification of the User.

For this reason, the User undertakes to transmit exact and complete data regarding his identity and refrains from usurping the identity of others. In the event that this commitment is not respected, Henjoyit reserves the right not to confirm, suspend or delete the Account.

4 - Sharing of content on the site

4.1 In order to facilitate interaction between Users, Henjoyit offers various services that allow you to insert content on the Site, in particular through the "Write a review" services. For the purposes referred to in these conditions, "Content" is defined, any element entered by the User on the Site, for example: texts, comments, or any type of file regardless of its form or contents.

4.2 The User is responsible for everything that can be produced in his own name or in any case from his own terminal. The User undertakes to report, through the site, immediately to Henjoyit the cases in which he has reasonable reason to believe that his pseudonym or e-mail address is, or may be, known by an unauthorized person to use it. In any case, Henjoyit declines any responsibility in case of use of a user's personal data by unauthorized third parties.

4.3 The User may in no case use the site for commercial purposes.

5 - Behavior on the site

The User refrains in particular:

- from committing illegal acts;
- from extracting or collecting personal data of users of the Site by any means;
- from extracting, recording or exploiting - for purposes other than exclusive viewing while browsing the Site - data or other people's content;
- from storing, disseminating or publishing any unlawful, prejudicial, abusive, discriminatory content that incites hatred, contrary to morality, which is detrimental to private life or the rights of others, especially rights related to the image, to intellectual property or respect for privacy;
- from carrying out directly or indirectly propaganda of any kind or nature;
- from using the identity of third parties and / or publishing any personal information of others;
- from storing, distributing or publishing any content that could harm, directly or indirectly, the rights of Henjoyit.

In general, the User undertakes to refrain from any behavior contrary to the values ​​of Henjoyit.

6 - Intellectual Property

6.1 Site Content.

The Website Content respects the intellectual property rights, with particular reference to copyright, designs and models, trademarks, domain names, patents, know-how, software or databases.

Henjoyit is the owner of all the Website Content and the rights associated with it.

On this content, Henjoyit grants the User the consent for a non-exclusive and revocable use of the Site. This consent does not grant Users any rights, in particular the right to commercial exploitation of the aforementioned Contents.

6.2 Content posted by Users

The contents published by users (texts, comments, files, images, photos, videos, works, etc.) remain the property of the User, except for the application of special conditions previously accepted for specific services available on the websites of the company Henjoyit . Users are free to publish or not to publish content on the Site, in particular through the "Share photo" service.

Through this service they accept that these contents are in the public domain and freely accessible on the internet. Users guarantee that they have the necessary authorizations to publish the photos on the Site, in compliance with the law in force and the rights of private life, property, intellectual property, image, etc. Through the publication of photos on the Site, Users assume all responsibilities, as editors of the Content pursuant to the law, and grant Henjoyit the possibility of reproduction, representation, uploading, display, execution, transmission , of conservation of the aforementioned contents.

Users authorize their name to be added to the Content.

Through the relevant publication, Users accept that the content can become

automatically accessible on the Internet, on other sites, blogs and web pages and Henjoyit social networks. Users may at any time request Henjoyit to cease publication, in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article 8 of these terms of use.

7 - Responsibility

7.1 Responsibility of Henjoyit

7.1.1 The consultation and use of the Site takes place under the sole responsibility of the User.

Henjoyit cannot be held liable for damages resulting from access, use of the Site and the information contained therein. The User is informed of the possibility that Henjoyit may temporarily interrupt access to the Site for technical reasons related to maintenance and waiver from now on to make any claim for compensation.

Henjoyit will under no circumstances be held liable for:

- any information consulted on the Site that is not published by Henjoyit,
- any malfunctions of the network that do not allow the correct functioning of the Site,
- any data loss,
- any software malfunctions,
- any consequences resulting from computer viruses, bugs, anomalies or malfunctions,
- any damage caused to the User's PC / tablette / smartphone.

7.1.2 Henjoyit allows Users to relate to each other through the publication of reviews. As Host, pursuant to articles 16 and 17 of Legislative Decree 70/2003, Henjoyit cannot be held responsible by virtue of the activities or contents stored on the Site. The responsibility of Henjoyit is limited to that provided for by art. 17 c 2 of Legislative Decree 70/2003, according to which Henjoyit will be required:

- to inform the judicial or administrative authority if it becomes aware of illegal activities or information;
- to provide, at the request of the competent authorities, the information in its possession that allows the identification of the recipient of its services, to identify and prevent illegal activities.

Henjoyit is civilly liable for the contents of such services only in the event that, upon request by the judicial or administrative authority, it does not act to prevent access to it or if, after becoming aware of the illegality of a content, it has failed to inform the competent authority. Henjoyit has the obligation and the right to eliminate any illegal or manifestly unlawful content without prior notice or notice to the User, in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the aforementioned law.

Consequently, Henjoyit is not required to exercise a priori control over the quality, safety, truthfulness or legality of the Content deposited by the Users.

7.2 Responsibility of the User

7.2.1 By using the Website, the User agrees to release Henjoyit from any liability and to hold it harmless from any damage, cost and expense, direct or indirect resulting from:

- complaint by third parties regarding the contents deposited in its own name, in particular for the violation of the rights on the content published on the Site;
- any activity related to participation on the Site contrary to these general conditions;
- violation of these Terms of Use of the Site.

7.2.2 Henjoyit draws the attention of Users to the possibility of publishing or sharing photographs, images or videos. Henjoyit requires the user to maintain a respectful and compliant behavior with the Henjoyit values ​​label. Any non-compliant Content will be systematically removed from the Site.

8 - Protection of personal data

8.1 In compliance with privacy regulations, Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196, the data collected on the Site are subject to computer processing by Henjoyit. The User has the right of access, rectification and opposition to the processing of data concerning him by sending a specific request, pursuant to Articles. 7 et seq. of Legislative Decree 196/2003.

8.2 The information collected is exclusively intended for Henjoyit. The User can consult the Henjoyit Personal Data Protection Policy through the following link: http://www.www.happyhen.eu/informativa-privacy.html

9 - Cancellation of contents deposited by Users

9.1 Henjoyit is free to delete any profile, content, information published on the Site, may prohibit the use and access to the same when it becomes aware of the User's failure to comply with the terms of use or for technical reasons. Any change or cancellation may be made without prior notice, notification or prior notice, at the sole discretion of Henjoyit. Through the "Report an abuse" procedure, each User can inform Henjoyit that a Content is presumably published in violation of these terms of use. The User is obliged to attach all the necessary details regarding the report.

9.2 The User also has the possibility to request the cancellation of the contents deposited on the Site.

To this end, you must send a request to collect the Content by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This request must be accompanied by information allowing the identification of the content. For content deposited using the "Share photo" service, the information necessary for cancellation is: surname, name, e-mail address used during the filing of the Content, year of the deposit, title of the content.
Any legitimate claim will be processed as quickly as possible by Henjoyit.
The User acknowledges that Henjoyit cannot be held in any way responsible for the time required for the processing of the application or for the material impossibility of providing an answer to the same.

10 - Integrality
If one or more clauses of the general conditions of use are declared void following the application of a law, a regulation or a definitive judicial or administrative decision, the other clauses will retain their force.

11 - Applicable law / Litigation
These general terms and conditions of use are governed by Italian law.



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